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Cape Coral Fish Species

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         Cape Coral fish species caught on a  Tide Walkers Charter includes                 Tarpon, Snook, and Redfish and many more while fishing Cape Coral,                      Bokeelia, Matlacha and  Boca Grande and Cayo Costa Islands.  

               Fish Magical Southwest Florida. Where Every Trip is an Adventure.


Redfish fishig

Snook and Redfish are the Ghosts of the Mangroves and backwaters. They are exceptional fighting fish striking viciously at artificial baits. Snook prefer anything that moves on top water and loves a well-placed live, free lined white bait.  Redfish prefer cut bait on the bottom or lively artificials. Both These fish range from average size upwards to over 50 pounds and present a year round challenge. YOU CAN DO THIS!




Tarpon Fishing

SILVER KINGS of the Florida Coast! Returning early each spring to our local waters, Tarpon are migratory and run here through early summer. These giant fighters are not for the faint of heart as they are a handful.  Average length: 5 feet, usually 60lbs to over 200lbs. This is a must do at least once in your lifetime. Let's Do This!

Read more about Tarpon here!




Sea Trout Fishing

These fish are one of the most beautiful fish in Florida State waters, aggressive by nature and voracious feeders,  providing fast paced fun and excitement for all southern sportsmen. They provide hours of enjoyable action off shallow grass flats and ledges near oyster bars. They are excellent table fare during the winter months when the water is cooler.  FWC slot limit 15” to 20” releasing all trophy breeder fish over 20”. At Tide Walker Charters, we encourage the use of dehookers as to not touch the fish before we release them unharmed. Nice one Brian.


Public Notice: Your fishing charter may or may not be equal to the pictures shown on this pages contained in this website. Fish species continually migrate. Tides, weather, boat traffic and other water conditions vary daily making it impossible to predict a successful or comparable like outcome for any given fishing charter. Although we do continue to enjoy a high daily catch ratio per trip, we cannot make the fish bite nor do we have any control over the size of the fish that we catch. The pictures exhibited on this page are highlights of some of our past catches on trips resulting from optimum conditions. Thank You.
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