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         Captain Russ Walker, a Masters Mariner Saltwater Fisherman

      Captain Russ Walker

Captain Russ Walker holds a, OUPV Six Pack Lic. and a Masters Near Coastal license ( out to 100 nautical miles ) rated to 50 tons. License is issued by the USCG.  Phone 239 994 7818 Call Captain Russ Today to Book Your Personal Trip. Welcome Aboard.

Aquatic Art For Your Lodge, Cabin, Home or Man Cave by Captain Russ a/k/a the artist Muddoggie
Muddoggie Art

"Dockside Ambush"  Beautiful Paper Prints available from Muddoggie Art. Size to your liking. Giclee Canvas Print  36" X 40" Available, call for price. 239 994 7818


One of the perks of being a Florida Saltwater Fishing Guide is being on the ocean or in the gulf waters almost daily.

It has afforded me many amazing sightings of its inhabitants and miracle aquatic opportunities I've been a part of that most people will never have the chance too see. I cheer daily and loudly to celebrate these encounters.


From Whales to the majestic Sea Turtles, From Giant Sharks to the shy but playful manatees,  

From the Chattering of Porpoise to flights of Cow nosed Rays & Stingrays,  not unlike flights of birds above the water’s surface, I stare in amazement.


I give thanks each day for these experiences. After 45 years of Salt Water Fishing, it is truly amazing to be a part of it all. Because of the incredible inspiration given unto me, I salute Mother Nature, the Salt Life and all the beautiful things I've seen and above all: to God Almighty Above for all of his creation and for the opportunity for me to be a part of it all.

I wrote these poems to say Thanks LORD for all You’ve given me.!


The Encounter...........poem by Captain Russ Walker

Early misty morning, Buzzards up on high.

Lifting, without effort, through clouds up in the sky.


And what is this, a miracle? that I stop to see.

There, just below the water’s edge, a face is looking back at me.


Smiling, I turn to give my wife a nod,

Could you ever see a sight like this and believe there’s not a God?


Like an Alien here amongst us, cept with purpose, so much poise,

Entranced, we stare at one another, making not a single noise.


With all compassion I bless “THEE”, It’s all I have to give,

I know all you seek is sanctuary, a safe protected place to live.


So swim, go away now my friend and Thanks for stopping by,

Suddenly, I realize something falling from my eye.


A tear of joy, a tribute, it was something to behold,

I know I’ll keep this memory inside, until I’m very old.


Now each time I'm that out fishing, when I stare deep into the blue,

I'll see the face down in the water and remember it was you.



A tribute to the amazing wildlife of Florida


Captain Russell D Walker

Local nature artist, USCG Masters Captain and Fishing Guide

Cape Coral, Florida

2014 All Rights Reserved



A Fishing Guides Thoughts on Life......poem 

I like to write and paint, catch a fish or two each day.
There’s still so much left to do in life, I simply have to say.


I love to See the lightning in the heavens, see the dew settle on the ground,
I’m amazed at all God’s wonders, every time I look around.


Makes me wonder how they do it, when I see an eagle up on high,
I have a misty, teary moment, when I hear a baby cry.


And what about this animal, who comes so faithfully when I call,
With a show of such devotion, we could take a lesson from it all.


Looking back on every yesterday, I see all the people in my life,
A Special Hi to each and every one of YOU, and to my Awesome Loving Wife.


My imagination runs away, with every breeze that passes through,
Think of all the things I can do today, write a letter, tie my shoes.
So, I pray for strength up to the end, not a day I wish to loose.


Like the bird that knows not why, the air lifts up his wing,
Unconditionally, I give my love to you & to your spirit I sing.


On that day the angels come for me, I’ll rejoice, no I’ll not weep,
Hoping That God will Judge the catch he made and think me big enough to keep.



Poem by Captain Russell D Walker 2015, All Rights Reserved

Muddoggie Art 2

"Starry Starry Snook" Original painting by Captain Russ a/k/a Muddoggie. #2 of the Van Gogh Series or Signed prints or from 12" x 12" to  36" x 36" available also.

Snook fishing

Snook 12" x 36" Original on Canvas or Cedar framed, signed, limited deition paper print. #1 of Caught on Canvas series

Tarpo Fishing

Tarpon 16" x 40" Original on Canvas or cedar framed, signed, limited edition paper print. #2 of Caught on Canvas series.

My Poetic Tribute to the Silver King of Florida
“The Mighty Tarpon”
"Cast to the Titan"
Look way out, Look over there,
I see it man and start to stare.
Then I cast out to its right,
Chrome and Silver mixed with light,
Surface boils, commence the fight.
Titan shuns hooks bite of steel,
A pounding heart is all I feel.
 Sunward leaps to rid the sting,
Thrashing tough, it takes to wing.
 Ancient warrior turns to fight,
Water foams, reel screams delight.
With all its strength, not giving in,
Genst bending rod, big reel still spins.
Struggle hard, its life depends
Outcome unknown. Perhaps the end?
Yet, Should it fall, we surely know,
This mighty fish, must be let go.
Must be set free, unharmed, no pain,
We must free this Titan to fight again.
For who knows, just what the next cast will bring,
Perhaps, another duel with the mighty, Silver King.
“Muddoggie”  Original Art a/k/a  
poem by Captain Russell D Walker
Cape Coral, FL all rights reserved 2012
Redfish Painting

Bull Redfish 16" x 40" Original on Canvas or cedar framed, signed, limited edition paper print. #3 of Caught on Canvas series.

Sea Trout fishing

Speckled Trout 15" x  30" Original or quality, signed, limited edition print.  Plain or cedar framed. #4 of Caught on Canvas series.

Above is the "Caught on Canvas Series"  

by Captain Russ.  Quality, signed, Limited Edition Prints available at Muddoggie Art on Facebook

"Green Turtle Sea" on right

by Captain Russ, a/k/a, Muddoggie

  36" x 48" Signed, limited edition prints available. Call Muddoggie Art for price quote at 239 994 7818.

BELOW: "Permit Prowler" below

30" X 40 " Signed, limited edition prints available. Original is not available    call Muddoggie art for price quote at 239 994 7818.

Permit painting
Sea Turtle

   Green Turtle Sea 36" x 48"

   Some Originals Available
Acrylic / Oil  on quality Gallery wrap Canvas.
          Call Captain Russ  today for a quote                    plus  freight and Crate to your home
Key West Poster
Key West Poster Paper or Canvas Giclee Prints 24" X 36", have your Family Name included in place of Key West Lettering.
It’s just my Gift...................a poem 

I’m not self-centered or prideful, though I post of me a lot,
But, it's just that there are some Walter Mittys out there, I think that life forgot,

I do it cause its fun, I’ll try to live life unto the end
So, for those who can’t do what I do, I 'd like to share it, with You my friend.

For a man who can’t fly a seaplane, I’ll invite him to ride along,
To see what it’s like to fly with Eagles, while inside he sings his song.

The bike pipes sound so sweetly, the wind rushes thru my hair,
Inspires a man in a wheelchair, who wishes he could be there.

So many things to do in life, we will never do them all,
But, I try not leave any stone unturned, before my Lord will call.

How bout the Father that raised a Son, he only had one wish
To see the ocean before he died, to catch a giant shark or fish.

I post for you what I see and do, hoping your spirits soar and lift,
For those that can’t do what I’m blessed to do, then let it be my gift.

I think what I’m saying, is that sometimes, life just isn’t fair,
So if another man can live through what I post, Let it be my gift to share.

Remember This! It’s not about, who dies with all the toys,
It’s about, all the love you shared, Jesus and daily Joys.

So, Next time you see a pic, of my boat way out to sea, 
I’ll leave space, so you can see, yourself right there beside me.

By Captain Russell D Walker, All right reserved 2015

Eternity...a Poem by Captain Russ Walker
Thinking back on what my dad had to go through when mother was sick. I know we all face the same situation. So, I wrote this for You and all my friends:
Eternity…………a poem by Captain Russ Walker of  Cape Coral, FL.

He walked into the room so quietly, it was still, not well lit,
Took a seat on the chair beside her, thought he’d sit there for a bit.

While she lay sleeping, he smiled and gently touched her face,
It was just as he had remembered, Soft as cotton lace.


She moved and sighed so slightly, I thought I saw a tear,
I feel so much better she thought, now that my guy is near.


His voice quivered as he spoke to her, he uttered something sweet,
A greater companion I couldn’t ask for, the one I chanced to meet.


My Dear, can you hear me, there is something I want to say,
Something I want you to tell you, in case this is our last day.


Know always how much I love You, I’ve loved you all my life,
I’ve been so blessed to have been with you, my Awesome Loving wife.


And when you see God, please ask Him, not to leave me here alone,
Tell Him I’m lonely without you and that I’m ready to come home.


I think HE will see it in your face, see all the love that we have shared,
Then God will send his angels here to fetch me, for all Eternity He'll keep us paired

Be Blessed today all Friends.


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