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Cape Coral, Florida sightseeing and more!

Royal Terns

One of the perks of being a Florida Saltwater Fishing Guide is being on the ocean or in the gulf waters almost daily.
It has afforded me many amazing sightings of its inhabitants and miracle aquatic opportunities I've been a part of that most people will never have the chance too see. I cheer daily and loudly to celebrate these encounters.

Cayo Costa Island Shelling

Even if you are not a fisherman, Captain Russ will take you to an out island for a day of relaxing beach combing and shelling. SHELLS SHELLS SHELLS !
Sea Shells galore
Our Charer Boat
Matlacha Backwaters

Wildlife abounds here in SW Florida. The Aquatic and Waterfowl sights are simply incredible. Captain Russ has extensive knowledge of the local area. Bring Your CAMERA!

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