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Catch & Release    Certificate, DNA


We are happy to provide a Catch & Release Certificate for your Catch of a Lifetime.

A Sportsman's Catch and Release allows the big 'breeder fish to live on and reproduce while making record of your monster catch. Also,we use a de-hooker so we never actually touch the fish during the release.

There are four main objectives of catch and release.  Keeping the waters populated with fish will ensure the reproduction of the species, thereby increasing its numbers. Catch and release also sustains and helps the environment as there is a delicate eco –balance with interaction, for all marine life.  Lastly, catch and release affords recreational anglers the reassurance that their fishing pastime is guaranteed to continue, since there will always be plenty of fish to catch. Please note that at Tide Walker Charters, we do not kill any sharks. All species of sharks are released.

Catch & Release certificates are issued for legal catches for a wide variety of species. Length and girth measurements are taken prior to release in order to calulate your trophies weight.


On the Sportsman's behalf, for Silver King Tarpon releases, if desired, a DNA sample will be taken from the fish in the form of a non life threatening rub of the mandible and submitted to the FWC for their ongoing DNA study.



Catch and Release Certifcate
Life size Tarpon Mounts

   Silver King Tarpon

Catch & Release Mounts like the one seen to the left are available from Tide Walker Charters to commerate the catch of your Sliver King Tarpon, Trophy Snook, Trout, Redfish or Shark. Reasonably priced, life sized and beautifully done to your fishes measurements. Ask Captain Russ for a quote on your next trip.



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